Arte Mixto

"Sin Chisme"

Album Tracks:

  1. La Maraca
  2. Huellas Del Pasado
  3. Yemaya
  4. Sin Comentarios
  5. Amarte Mas
  6. Rompiendo El Hielo
  7. Ritmo Jagua
  8. El Dinero
  9. Picante y Sazon
  10. La Vuelta
  11. Hacer Que Me Creas


Album Tracks:

  1. El Chan Chan
  2. Rezo A Elegua
  3. Echa Pa’lla
  4. Virginia
  5. Mi Isla
  6. Entre Tu y Yo
  7. Ella Eres Tu
  8. Plegaria a La Virgen De La Caridad
  9. Picante y Sazon
  10. Ahi-Nama


Album Tracks:

  1. Son De Manuel
  2. Confesion
  3. Deseos
  4. Agozate
  5. El Aroma De Tu Piel
  6. Corazon Gitano
  7. Centellas De Amor
  8. Bolerito
  9. Amante
  10. Cipriano Armenteros
  11. Aguzate (radio version)

Ahi Nama is proud to present Deseos, the first release of one of Cuba’s most sought after groups, Arte Mixto. Deseos is the culmination of 6 years of travels in their own island and Europe. They have been received with open arms and garnered critical acclaim.

Deseos offers 10 songs in the established style of the group, a mixture of the Cuban traditional beats, influenced by native American jazz, Brazilian samba and batucada and touches of the classical.

Amongst the hottest tunes on this album is “Aguzate”,the old salsa standard written by Ritchie Rey & Bobby Cruz, and a natural winner as performed by Arte Mixto with the sensual voice of Iris Sandra Cepeda (who upon the release of this CD will undoubtedly become a name to be reckoned with). Another song on this album that we are sure will be played over and over again is “Corazon Gitano”,a mixture of modern and 18th century styles where Rafael Antonio Martinez displays his acoustic guitar virtuosity. This tune also has an incredible flamenco kick that reminds us of the Gipsy Kings.

Other songs on this album “Son de Manuel”, “Confesion” and “Deseos”,all have a beat that resembles the old sones of Miguel Matamoros. “El Aroma de tu Piel”,with it’s elegant violin solo by their musical director, Alexis Correa and “Bolerito”,which takes you back to the romantic era of years past.

Five of the songs on this album were written by Alexis Correa, with the capable assistance of Urquiza and Rafael Martinez. The project’s musical direction was in the hands of Alexis Correa, sharing the musical production with Lazaro Garcia. Executive producer for this effort was Jimmy Maslon. As you will hear, Arte Mixto is ready to play….. Are you ready to listen? We think so!

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