"The Best of Bamboleo"

Album Tracks:

  1. Shake Your Body (previously unreleased)
  2. Ka Cha Cha (previously unreleased)
  3. Opening
  4. Con Un Canto en el Pecho
  5. Si No Hablaras Tanto
  6. La Tremenda
  7. Te Gusto o te Caigo Bien
  8. El Protagonista
  9. Kimbara Kimbara
  10. Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie
  11. Ya No Hace Falta
  12. Circulame
  13. Pelicula Vieja
  14. Opening Studio 10

Ño Que Bueno Esta!

Album Tracks:

  1. El Protagonista (Live)
  2. Recapacita (Live)
  3. Sin Requesitos (Live)
  4. Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie (Live)
  5. Ño Que Bueno Esta (Pete Lorimar)
  6. Lo Que Queiro Es Bamboleo -club mix
  7. Ño Que Bueno Esta (studio party mix)
  8. Ño Que Bueno Esta -club mix
  9. Ño Que Bueno Esta (hip hop mix)
  10. Ño Que Bueno Esta (house mix)

Ya No Hace Falta

Album Tracks:

  1. Opening
  2. Ya No Hace Falta
  3. Recapacita
  4. Se Le Fue La Mano
  5. El Manicero
  6. Candil De Nieve
  7. Lo Que Quiero Es Bamboleo
  8. La Tremenda
  9. El Pillo
  10. El Protagonista
  11. Lo Mio
  12. Ya No Hace Falta

Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie

Album Tracks:

  1. Opening Estudio 10
  2. Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie
  3. Si No Hablaras Tanto
  4. Tu y Yo Somos Una Misma Coza
  5. Amor Sin Traspaso
  6. Pelicula Vieja
  7. Cuentales
  8. Mirando Al Cielo
  9. Con Un Canto De Pecho

Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien

Album Tracks:

  1. Bamboleo Intro
  2. Te Extranare (Si Supieras)
  3. Te Gusto o Te Caigo Bien
  4. Circulame
  5. Bamboleo y Melaza
  6. Flor Perdida
  7. Extrana Sensacion
  8. Soledad
  9. Bemba Colora
  10. Inmadura
  11. Pinceladas Propuestas
  12. Exit

Bamboleo is a collaboration of several of the most talented young musicians in Cuba. Led by writer/composer/arranger Lazaro Valdes, a graduate of ENA, their 12 members, mostly from Havana, are graduates from some of the most prestigious music schools and conservatories in the island. Their name comes from the Spanish word for the movement of ocean waves but in their music, it signifies the body rhythm that is created by the sounds of tropical music.

Te Gusto o Te Caigo Bien bamboleo’s debut release, is a magnificent fusion of rhythms and styles: salsa, jazz, timba and something they call “tembleque” a sort of musical mixture that will not allow anyone to keep still. The album includes old standards like “Bemba colora”and “Kimbara Kimbara”,as well as new compositions like “Circulame”and “Si supieras”,songs that under the tremendous voices of Vannia Borges, Haila Mompie and Oswaldo Chacon, take on a life of their own.

Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie, their second release,has become the most anticipated record to come out of Cuba in recent years, The type of music delivered by this innovative 14 piece band, is part of a revolutionary new sound emanating from Cuba that mixes jazz, salsa and Cuban “timba”. The result tears up the audience, be it in Europe, the Caribbean or the Lincoln Center in New York, where they played to a standing ovation last July.

An important part of Bamboleo’s appeal are their two hot vocalists. With strikingly beautiful shaved heads,Vannia Borges with her sultry smooth singing style, and Haila Mompie, who is often compared to a youthful Celia Cruz, have become two female stars in the male dominated world of salsa.

Remarkebly this jazz-influenced salsa group was formed only two years ago by bandleader Lazaro Valdes, and on this album, the collaboration of Leonel Limonta -considered one of the more prolific composers of the island-, every single song on this album possesses a contagious hook, while featuring guest performances by NG La Banda’s arranger, Jose Miguel El Greco, on trombone, and Mario Hernandez (Irakere’s lead trumpet). Definitely the most talked about group in Cuba, Bamboleo’s Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie has created quite a buzz. So turn your speakers up … put your dance shoes on … and “salsa y tembleque” to the hottest dance record of the year.

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