Issac Delgado

La Formula

Album Tracks:

  1. Nadie Me Quiere Bailar
  2. O Estas Loca
  3. Amor Sin Etica
  4. El Solar De California
  5. Quando
  6. La Formula
  7. Caricias
  8. El Pregon De Chocolate
  9. A Ti Todo
  10. Malecon
  11. Espana Tiene
  12. Te Perdono
  13. Afortunada Tu
  14. Gracias A La Vida
  15. *La Vida Es Un Carnaval

Issac Delgado is indisputably one of the biggest stars in Cuba today. In his debut release with Ahi-Nama, “La Formula”, Issac Delgado delivers his best work bringing in legendary guests, world renowned poet, Pablo Milanes and pianist extraordinaire Gonzalo Rubalcalba.

Throughout this recording you will hear Issac’s insatiable salsa style with a touch of samba and jazz. It includes 15 tracks including monster hit “La Vida Es un Carnaval”. Breaking attendance records in Cuba, Issac Delgado is predicted to conquer the US with his new album combined with the 2001 US tour. Drawing crowds of 30 to 50 thousand, Issac Delgado has the charisma that penetrates the soul of his audience leaving them gasping for more. “La Formula” is salsa at its finest.

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