Laito Jr.


Album Tracks:

  1. Intro
  2. Carnaval
  3. Besito De Coco
  4. La Piragua
  5. Aquella Tarde
  6. El Cafetal/ Sarandonga
  7. Mi Corazonada
  8. Dejame Ya Mujer
  9. Que Linda
  10. Toma Jabon Pa’ Que Laves
  11. Duele Mas
  12. Todo Me Gusta De Ti
  13. Gozala
  14. Carnival (Cubrazil Mix)

To many, the name Jose de Jesus Hernandez Boza (Laito Jr.) may not ring a bell. But to those that love music, as do all Cubans, the name Laito is synonymous to music, tradition, rhythms and melodies with strong Cuban roots.

Following the tradition of his father, the legendary Laito, his son Laito Jr. prestents a colorful and vibrant recording of purely fine Cuban music representative of the sonora style. The “sonora” was popularized by the Sonora Mantacera in the 50s and 60s and was richly influenced by the great musicians of that era such as Benny More, Vicentico and Miguelito Valdez. The repetoire consists of anthologized popular music interpreted with the distinct Cuban essence and flavor that has become the unparalleled trademark sound of Laito Jr’s Sonora Sonora. Throughout the recording you will enjoy music with infectious rhythms and melodies that will inspire you to dance. In a few selections, Laito Jr even incorporates elements of Cumbia and Vallenato creating a spontaneous blend of bouncy, exotic rhythms.

“Sarandonga!” is a tribute to the music of a nostalgic era. It reflects the spirit of Cuba and its respect for tradition through the legacy of the Sonora Mantacera.

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