The Last Word in Cuban Music

The Last Word in Cuban Music

Album Tracks:

  1. Descarga Total
  2. La Formula
  3. Huellas Del Pasado
  4. Oye Guajira Mi Son
  5. La Maraca
  6. Cabiosile Pa Chango
  7. Ya No Hace Falta
  8. Mi Son Mi Son Mi Son
  9. Sarandonga/Cafetal
  10. La Caminadora
  11. Aquella Tarde
  12. Un Nombre De Mujer
  13. Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie

A colorful compilation of Cuban salsa hits by the most popular groups out of Cuba today. This recording represents the best of both contemporary and traditional Cuban music of all genres. Featured artists include Rolo Martinez, Issac Delgado, Maraca, Arte Mixto, Bamboleo, Laito Jr., Carmen Flores and Los Zafiros. Also featured is "La Formula", the Latin Grammy nominee 2001 for Best Tropical Song and the previously unreleased "El Pregon Del Chocolate remix."

You will enjoy the funky timba by Bamboleo, the smoking salsa/jazz of Maraca, the traditional son of Laito, the insatiable blend of salsa, timba, and son of Issac, plus more!

"The Last Word in Cuban Music!" is a glimpse into the rich dance music eminating from Havana today!