Los Novo

Animo Gente Mia

Album Tracks:

  1. Son Del Marco
  2. Te Vengo A Amar
  3. Los Viejitos De Mi Parque
  4. Mala Lengua
  5. Tonada
  6. Vamos Amor
  7. Animo, Gente Mia
  8. Cancion Al Perro
  9. Sobre La Cama
  10. Son De Los Vivos
  11. Cancion A panchito
  12. Siempre Sera El Amor

The Novo brothers are two of the most prolific folk poet/singers on the south side of Cuba, the historical city of Cienfuegos. Known for their incredible lyrics and emotional melodies, this album can choke up the average listener even if they don’t understand a word of Spanish.

With this release, Ahi-Nama brings to America, yet another style of cuban music known as “trova”, which has had very little exposure in the U.S. This style of music is the rage of coffeehouses and college campus’s throughout Cuba.

Servicing all NPR, college stations and coffeehouses throughout the U.S. There is great anticipation for this album due to the success of the two Los Novo tracks on Ahi-Nama Vol. 2

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