Los Van Van


Album Tracks:

  1. Chapeando
  2. Coraz&oacute
  3. Después De Todo
  4. No Pides Más Presta’o
  5. Por Qué No Te Enamoras
  6. Te Recordaremos
  7. Anda Ven y Quiéreme
  8. Nada
  9. La Buena
  10. Agua
  11. Ven, ven, ven
  12. El Montuno
  13. Chapeando (repris)

Two years in the making, Chapeando (meaning the action of clearing the ground with a machete) is the title of Juan Formell y Los Van Van’s latest production and one of their best works that we’ve heard in recent years. As the reigning icon of popular Cuban music, the veteran bandleader Juan Formell continues to break ground with each of his productions, still leading the movement of contemporary Cuban dance music. This new recording finds percussionist Samuel Formell (son of Juan Formell) in the role of musical director, as well as contributor of some compositions. Most of the scores belong to the legendary Juan Formell and pianist Roberto Carlos Rodríguez. An extremely refined rhythm section, framed by violin and trombone arrangements, sets the soundtrack for the powerful front line of Los Van Van’s vocals, led by Mario "Mayito" Rivera, Roberto Hernández (Guayacán), Yenisel Valdés (Jenny) and Abdel Rasalps (Lele). Favorite tracks include the title and opening track (Chapeando), Después de Todo, Por Qué No Te Enamoras, Te Recordaremos (featuring its composer Diego "El Cigala"), Ven, Ven, Ven, and Agua.

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