Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta!

Album Tracks:

  1. Los Feos
  2. Lo digo yo
  3. Me tiene enamora’o
  4. Guajira para Mimi
  5. Te lo llevaste to’
  6. Mala suerte
  7. El verano
  8. Descarga dura
  9. Hasta cuando
  10. Se que te gusta
  11. Lo que quiero es Fiesta
  12. Guaguanco


After a few years away from the studio and extensive touring around the world, Cuban flutist and bandleader Orlando Valle ‘Maraca’ delivers “Lo que Quiero es Fiesta”, a high-energy album of dance music grounded on tradition but influenced by current trends. The theme behind the album, says Maraca, is to revitalize the sound of his band. “But in essence, the songs have to do with street life, with some innovations in the fusion of rhythms and references to jazz and other international styles”.

Maraca’s new record features an array of talented young musicians who infuse the songs with a vital energy and a rich sound. The album showcases the talents of Jose-Miguel Melendez and Lester Hojas who equally share the microphone with their soulful voices. The album’s special guests include vocalists Ammiel Castellanos and Pedro Lugo “El Nene”. Maraca says all four vocalists are very different. “They complement each other creating a unity of style that’s very rich and reinforced by young musicians who contribute to the sound with a collective approach. It’s important to note the work of trumpeter/trombonist Luis Valle, my brother who lives in Japan, and is considered by many one of the best trumpeters in that country”.

“Lo que quiero es Fiesta” is an album rich with Cuban musical styles, including guajira, descarga, timba, son and rumba, but as Maraca passionately points out, this recording also shows that his music is always evolving. “I cannot be static, sometimes it’s necessary to change musicians to explore new sounds and fresh ideas”.

Maraca dedicates the album and the composition titled “Guaguanco” to one of the pillars of Cuban music, the master percussionist Tata Güines, who passed away earlier in the year. “Tata was like a father figure to me. Besides having a deep friendship with him, he always helped me open the doors of Cuban music with his teachings. That’s why we offer our modest but sincere tribute to him, who from the congas, helped me to change the concept of music, the flute, friendship and life”.

This recording is a milestone for both Ahi Nama Music and Maraca as they celebrate the release of the fifth album for the label and a 10 year relationship which began in the Summer of 1998. The record was produced by Maraca and Celine Chauveau and mixed by the legendary engineer of the Fania All Stars, Jon Fausty.

Based in Los Angeles , California , Ahi Nama Music has been at the forefront of Cuban music for the past decade, releasing albums by a wide range of artists, including Bamboleo, Los Van Van, Issac Delgado, Arte Mixto, Rolo Martinez and many more.

“Soy Yo”

Album Tracks:

  1. Llevame con tu babalao
  2. Paloma Blanca
  3. Soy Yo
  4. A cualquiera le toca
  5. Maria Rosa
  6. Estrella de amor
  7. Yo si se
  8. Sigueme si puedes
  9. Se te va la vida
  10. Quien se la llevara?
  11. Tu vera tu va a ver
  12. Soy Yo (Reggaeton Remix)

“Best of Maraca’s Bailables”
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Best of Maraca’s Bailables -This is a CD\DVD

Album Tracks:
Interview with Maraca
Descarga Total
Se Te Acabo La Rumba
The Making of Tremenda Rumba

  1. Pa Gozar Pilon
  2. Castigala
  3. Descarga Total
  4. Oye Guajiro Mi Son
  5. Sonando
  6. Se Te Acabo La Rumba
  7. La Bomba
  8. La Novela
  9. Me Gusta Mas El Son
  10. La Pelea
  11. Yo Bailo De Todo
  12. Timbita (Live in France)
  13. Castigala (Live in France)

“Tremenda Rumba!”

Album Tracks:

  1. Se Te Acabo Rumba
  2. Castigala
  3. El Fuelle
  4. Caramelo A Quilo
  5. Para Ilusion
  6. Introduccion Al Danzon
  7. Danzon Barroco
  8. La Novela
  9. Cuba En Carnaval
  10. Yo Bailo De Todo
  11. Obbatala Ayacuna
  12. Castigala Remixes

Descarga Total!

Album Tracks:

  1. Descarga Total!
  2. Oye Guajira Mi Son
  3. Pa’ Gozar Pilon
  4. Havana Danzon
  5. Solo Me Quede
  6. La Pelea
  7. Mambo Con ChaChaCha
  8. Llevatela
  9. Yoruba Song – Intro
  10. Yoruba Song
  11. Tumbao Pa’ Changuito


Album Tracks:

  1. Me Gusta Mas El Son
  2. Sonando
  3. Maraca’s Tumbao
  4. La Bomba
  5. Ven Aqui A La Realidad
  6. Los Tamalitos De Olga
  7. Mambo Jazz Plaza
  8. Yo Quiero A Mi Guejira
  9. Ven, Vamo’ A Bailar
  10. O.K. Santo Domingo
  11. Vale Todo
  12. Selva

Maraca is a child prodigy born to a musical family, who started his musical career at the age of 16 as flute player in the world famous Irakere, led by Chucho Valdez, where he departed at the ripe age of 24 to embark on his own career. One of his first tasks as a solo artist was writing and arranging several hit songs on the first Cubanismo album, which in turn led him to create his own group in 1996, Maraca & Otra Vision. Throughout the years he has produced many projects, one of which was nominated for a Grammy and toured all over the owrld sharing the stage with musical luminaries such as Oscar De Leon, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Cesaria Evora and many more. Maraca & Otra Vision have performed in the most prestigious festival and venues around the world, and are currently embarking on another world wide tour.

Flutist and Composer Orlando “Maraca” Valle represents the new generation of cuban musicians, equally versed in jazz and indigenous Cuban styles.

The songs on Sonando are a realization of his vision of bringing jazz and traditional cuban styles together.

Special Guest Stars Include 4 Grammy Nominees

Guest artists appearing on Sonando:

  • Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club) Grammy Nominee
  • Rolo Martinez(legendary sonero)
  • Pio Leyva (legendary Sonero) Grammy Nominee
  • Pancho Amat (best tres player in Cuba)
  • David Sanchez (from the Roy Hargrove group) Grammy Nominee
  • Munequitos De Matanzas
  • Barbarito Torres (Buena Vista Social Club) Grammy Nominee
  • Yumuri (Yumuri y su Hermanos)

Video clip being produced for broadcast on “The Box”, “HTV”, and other music shows.

Keep checking his page here at for pre-release updates.

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