Rolo Martinez

Para Bailar Mi Son

Album Tracks:

  1. La runidera
  2. No tiene telarana
  3. Mi son, mi son, mi son
  4. Olvido
  5. Cienfuegos
  6. Echame a mi la culpa
  7. Como se goza en La Habana
  8. No me interesa nada
  9. Yo se que te gusto
  10. Por fin te quedas o te vas
  11. En casa de Pedro el cojo

The Legendary Rolo Martinez, one of the biggest stars of Cuba’s Tropicana nightclub in the 1950’s, sang with Celia Cruz & Benny More. He is to Cuba what Frank Sinatra is to the U.S. Most Cubans will agree that Rolo is one of the best living “soneros” on the island.

This album is anticipated to be the “dance album of the year”. Many legendary guest musicians backed Rolo on this effort, including members of Bamboleo who’ve stunned the island with their abilities to play traditional cuban music.

You better grab your dancing shoes before, spinnin’ this cd!

Rolo has toured the U.S. as the lead singer of “Cubanismo!”

Rolo pictured here from his famous “Tropicana” days of the 50’s.

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