Siempre Juntos

"Siempre Juntos"

Album Tracks:

  1. Ta Malo Un Pie
  2. Cualquera Resbala y Cae
  3. Idilio
  4. Ay Cosita Linda
  5. Mañoño
  6. Aquella Tarde
  7. Fuera La Careta
  8. El Cafetal/Sarandonga
  9. Que Linda
  10. Dejame Ya Mujer
  11. Sonaron Los Cañonasoz
  12. Yambu Pa Gozar
  13. Cosas De La Calle
  14. Gozala
  15. Ya Llego La Navidad

This recording includes the best of two legendary Cuban artists, Laito Sr. and his son, Laito Jr. as well as well as exciting previously unreleased material. Siempre Juntos includes the hits from Laito’s last recording before his passing in 1999, "Idilio", "Sonaron Los Cañonazos" and more. It also includes Laito Jr.’s hit songs from his last recording "Sarandonga" as well as many other selections.

This is a special recording by father and son singing in the tradition of the Sonora Matancera, a style of Cuban salsa popularized in the 1950’s, representing the yesterday and today by a family rich in musical tradition. "Siempre Juntos" is also a historical release as it marks the first time in 40 years that a Christmas song is being released from Cuba. You will enjoy Laito Jr.’s festive Cuban style Christmas song, perfect for your holiday celebrations "Ya Llego La Navidad"!

Siempre Juntos includes a bonus feature of an enhanced CD, which includes music videos of both Laito Jr. and Laito Sr. with rare footage filmed in Cuba.

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