Los Zafiros

Los Zafiros Story

Album Tracks:

  1. Oye Nicola
  2. Un Nombre De Mujer
  3. La Caminadora
  4. Hermosa Habana
  5. Cuando Yo La Conoci
  6. Santa Barbara
  7. He Venido A Decirte
  8. Chaverot
  9. Bossa Cubana
  10. Sera El Amor

Only one name comes to mind when thinking back to the nostalgic musical era of Cuban “doo-wop”: Los Zafiros. Formed in Havana in 1962, the quartet dazzled its way to clebrity status by developing a unique sound never before heard in Cuba. The exotic combination of doo-wop with a strong Afro-Cuban influence, along with stylistic choreography, and the trademark “silky-as-satin” vocals wooed thousands of young Cubans, and instantly captured the hearts of fans internationally, as well.

The quartet’s founding members and vocalists–Leoncio Morua, Eduardo Elio Mora, Ignacio Elijalde Sanchez, and Miguel Angel Cancio–were responsible for the dreamy, yet, provocative sound characteristic of Los Zafiros. Yet, they could not have achieved such great success without the musical talent and innovative genius of Manolo Galvan, the group’s guitarrist and composer. He was the group’s first director, and also, the first to leave the quartet. Oscar Aguirre, a well-known lead guitarrist, replaced Manolo and contributed greatly to the success of Los Zafiros not only with his brilliant guitar work, but also as the composer of many of the quartet’s successful recordings. Among these timeless pieces are: “Cuando Yo La Conoci,” “Dichoso El Mar,” “Si Corazon,” and “Maldito Telefono.”

Los Zafiros continued to reign well into the 70s despite the group’s disintegration, Miguel Cancio and Oscar Aguirre, the group’s only surving members, are currently actively engaged in different projects. Miguel Cancio is co-script writer for “Locura Azul”– the feature film depicting the Los Zafiros story. Oscar Aguirre is currently touring around the world with the Buena Vista Social Club.

New generations of Los Zafiros fans can experience the magic and nostalgia of the 60s through the digitally enhanced cd-rom containing rare archive television footage of the legendary quartet, along with music videos, a biography, and photographs. Though the years have passed, the enamour with an era remains–an era in Cuban music history marked by the brilliant–and undying–dazzling blue light of Los Zafiros.

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