Laito – Estanislao Sureda Hernandez

Sonaron Los Canonazos

Album Tracks:

  1. Sonaron Los Canonazos
  2. Fuera La Careta
  3. Manono
  4. Cosas De La Calle
  5. Yambu pa’ Gozar
  6. Ay Cosita Linda
  7. De Ti Enamorado
  8. Un Amigo Mio, Un Amigo De Que
  9. Por Un Punado De Oro
  10. Sin Egoismo
  11. Cualquiera Resbala y Cae
  12. Idilio

In his first recording for Ahi Nama, and his first in 20 years, the legendary Estanislao Sureda Hernandez (Laito), showcases a sampling of some of the most requested tunes from his vast repertoire.

This “sonero” was one of the most respected Cuban singers of all time. made popular by such timeless pieces as “Tumbao Caramelao”, “Negra Margot y Con Suavidad”, “Marifale”, “Junto al Canaveral”,and “Cualquiera Resbala y Cae y Canonazos”,one of the greatest hits of La Sonora Matancera, Laito presented some of those tunes, this time recorded with his own band, where he showcased those classic sounds permanently embedded in musical history.

Laito was music, Cuban music, and as he sayed in his biography, “Yes, my business is the band: piano, bass, bongos, a striking tumbadora, guitar, two or three trumpets and a choir with singers capable of playing maracas and claves…..that, and me shouting; Then the hell with it all, let the world tumble…"

The famous landmark,"El Morro" in Havana, Cuba.

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